Hi! I’m Caroline. I started this blog because I don’t have enough other things to do, just kidding.  I really want to show off my kids and my crafts and I think some of my Facebook friends are sick of it so I here is another place for me to do it!! So, some things about me, well, I’m a mom, a wife, and a banker. We live in the house my grandpa built 60 years ago. It took almost 3 years of remodeling and decorating and redecorating for us to not regret buying it. We are years away from it being what we envision for it, but we are enjoying all the messes along the way.

Some things I love: My hubs, my babies, my family, my hot glue gun, my staple gun, spray paint, shoes, big necklaces, reality tv, goodwill (especially 50% weekend) oh and MY House!!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Caroline…what a great idea….excites me to think about all your projects. I just said to Mike yesterday I miss redoing houses…so now I just rescue furniture. Just bought a 70’s magazine rack for a $1 at a sale today..will clean it and spray paint it black…wish I lived down there..would talk you into a little storefront…a shabby chic type theme…anyway…enjoy and I’ll keep watching to see what you are up to…amj

  2. and by the way…love the name of your blog….i have such wonderful memories of living in “our-your” house. Although I’m not sure I could any longer, I miss running up the 14 stairs….we always had the windows open and I would lay in the living room on the floor and feel the breeze…there’s always lots to do to a home, but it has to have good bones and I think yours does!

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