6 Months

So I sort of suck at blogging! Ha. I think about it every day, but it’s hard to actually sit down and write about things. We don’t have a lot going on around the house so there is not as much to post about. We are doing things a little differently these days and only paying cash for things..(gasp) So no more buying a bunch of furniture from the thrift store to redo, or running to Home Depot every weekend for things. We are taking our time with projects. Which has been nice! Since the day we moved in, 6 mths ago, we have said “we don’t want another Mansell!” (our old street name)

We loved our old house. It had family history and was big and had loads of woodwork and character. BUT, we were ALWAYS doing something, sometimes for cosmetic reasons and sometimes because it was a 60 year old house. But we racked up the credit cards and took out a home equity loan (I do miss my lovely brand new kitchen). We spent tons of time doing work around the house. And we feel like we never got to just relax there! So from day one, we agreed that we would only do one project at a time and no more than one project a month. So far we have stayed pretty close to the agreement.

In 6 months, we have painted our bedroom, big A’s bedroom, the living room/hallway, the half bath, and the kitchen. We put in a bench in the kitchen, and new floors on the main level, and swapped out a few light fixtures. We are just starting to add trim to around the windows and then plan on adding new baseboards. Surprisingly, we have spent only around $500 so far on home improvements. Since we aren’t walking into a store on a whim with our credit card, we have more time to figure out what we want and where to get the best deal on things. Like the bench for instance, the old us would have strolled into HD and bought 4 brand new cabinets off the shelf, spending a few hundred dollars, putting it on our credit card, of course. We were able to look around while we saved up and found better quality cabinets for a quarter of the price. Then we used some oops paint and ended up with a beautiful sturdy bench we are very proud of, and we only spent $100! #Winning!

Our list is a mile long, as I am sure your list is, but we are trying to not obsess over things. And now that I work from home, I find it hard not to obsess and think about and scheme all day long! I was always a Pinterest lover, but I have become an addict! As I type, I am staring at our nasty kitchen cabinets, just wishing they would be refinished already. All in time (I sound like my mom). So, we go outside and play with the kids, or read a book, or go to the park. We are enjoying ourselves more than we used to! Shit will get done when we get to it!

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