bench warmer!

Soo I was a bench warmer for my 5 year soccer career (7th-11th grade). I loved oranges and to socialize, and since they passed out oranges and all my friends played soccer, so did I!! Well this bench is soo much cuter than the one at the old soccer field!


Don’t mind those ugly floors!! They don’t look like that anymore! yay!

So back to my bench.. It was fairly easy, and very inexpensive. I love an inexpensive project!!

So it all started with a trip to Habitat for Humanity Restore. They are filled with awesomeness! Go! We have never not bought something on a trip to Restore (Remember the shutter project?) Check em out!


We picked up 3 30″x18″ cabinets, they were $15 each and are very sturdy and solid wood! Score! Stupid us forgot to take our measuring tape with us and when we asked if they had any we were told they don’t. 😦 So we weren’t exactly sure how big they were at the store so we only bought 3 thinking we would make spacers for in between them. Well we got home and measured them and saw that they were 30″ wide, our wall is 120″ so we realized we could just go get 1 more and then we would save time by not having to build spacers. So we went back for a forth.

We got them all cleaned out and scrubbed down and lined them up on the wall… they didn’t fit.. We ran out to Home Depot and bought a wood planer for $10. It was easy to use and once we got the hang of it, it worked really well. We just shaved off a little bit from every side of the 4 cabinets. They fit perfectly within 30 minutes.


Then we painted! We actually found the paint on the oops shelf at HD! It was $7 for the whole gallon and it was the exact color and finish we wanted! Tip: if you buy something from the oops section, ask them to open the can for you, make sure it looks ok, then ask them to shake it. After a few days of drying, we put the doors back on and I gushed!! It looked great!

We wanted a deep seat to the bench 20″, but the cabinets are only 16″ deep so we needed some extra support against the wall. So we screwed a few 2x4s on to the wall (sorry, no pics) wherever we found a stud. Then we took 2 10x2s and cut them down to 120″ and laid them on top of the cabinets and braces. We screwed them down and stained them a beautiful walnut color.


I used this Danish Oil to stain the bench, and I love the stuff! It went on so nicely with a rag and was dry in 15 min. No staining then wiping then sanding like with regular stain. I decided to try this product for a few reasons, it was a few $$ cheaper then stain, I didn’t have to use a wood conditioner, or a sealant, and I could get a few coats on within an hour.

PicMonkey Collage789

I decided not to use knobs, I didn’t want it to look busy, plus I figured the kids would want to sit up there a lot and I didn’t want them getting snagged on knobs all the time. It looks clean and simple without them, plus it saved me at least $25 from not having to buy 8 knobs. Saving $$= more projects!!


I had most of the pillows, and bought  2, 2 packs of the teal, yellow, grey ones from Marshalls. The other 2 are on my living room couch.


They were a great find, they tie together the grey, mint, yellow, and teal fabulously!


The picture on the wall I also bought at Restore for $2! I love it. You can’t really tell, but the frame is wood and is has as slight mint haze to it.


And it matches my cute red chevron pillow!


The grey mirrors are from Target. I bought them, not knowing where I would put them, then realized they were perfect for here!

So as for window coverings for that window, I am thinking about doing a fabric covered cornice. We shall see…

I still need some artwork or something for the back wall, I’m stumped right now so feel free to make some suggestions! Also, I am thinking about painting the chairs?? I don’t know, I love the look of them and they are very sturdy so I am definitely keeping them, I just wish they weren’t so orangy.


I love it! and it looks soo good with the new floors! I’ll show ya those soon!



Hey check out all the awesome ideas over @ Not Just A Housewife,  Coastal Charm, and Knick of Time!


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One thought on “bench warmer!

  1. You are amazing Sweetie. I loved the project and especially the story. Kuddos to Jon for all his efforts and hard work. XO

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