Little A’s Room

OOO this little boy. When we found out I was pregnant again, I wanted another girl. I love little girls, I love pink, and hair bows and all things girly. Plus we had a 6 mth old girl and everything in our house was pink! But the minute the Dr said it was a boy, it was perfect! He is perfect! He has promised to never leave me and live in my basement until he is 60. I am totally ok with this. My husband is not thrilled with this idea.


This little boy loves airplanes right now, probably because his daddy is a pilot and they have been forced on him since birth, but I think he does genuinely love them. So we went with the airplane theme without being too over the top. We are using red and shades of blue as the main colors in his room. When we moved in, we bought a gallon of blue paint, but ended up not using it. We decided we liked the light tan color. Since we needed to paint every single room in the new house, and this one wasn’t that bad, we kept it the color it was and saved ourselves the trouble. We ended up using that gallon to spruce up the half bath. That reveal will come soon!

Back to my baby’s room, it’s not 100% done, I want to update the light fixture, get new doors (for the whole house) and within the next few months he needs a bed.  So far his room has cost me maybe $20! Almost everything we have used in it has come from his nursery in the old house.


I love his shelf! The wood came from a shelf the previous owners left up in the “toy room” and I had the brackets, I just had to paint them red. I had planned on making him a giant “A” but when I saw this one on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $7 I had to get it. I figured it would cost me at least that to make one. That’s usually how I decided if I will buy something, If I can make it cheaper, I usually will. The two lanterns are garage sale finds and the piggy bank and picture frame are both from his nursery.

One thing I did need to buy were curtains. I had been on the hunt for a few months and when I came across a navy and white tablecloth on clearance at Target, I had to get it.

PicMonkey Collagealex

I folded it in half and cut it down the center. I picked up a curtain rod and clips while I was at Big Lots, I think I spent about $12 for the rod and clips. So for $20 I had window treatments. I think I might add some trim or something to them, but for now they work great!

PicMonkey Collageuse

Well that’s about all we have done in his room so far. Maybe If it is ever clean for more than 10 seconds, I can post more pictures.. ugh kids are slobs!


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I’ve gained 5 lbs on Jellybeans

It’s Spring! Yay! Since we really haven’t done much crafting lately, I thought I’d re-share what we did last year! hopefully I can get to some spring decorating and crafting sometime this week! Oh and I will be making more chocolate covered peeps!

No Lie I have! The Nerd ones are my favorite! Try em! Besides the extra jiggle, I am loving this time of year. Sure it’s still a bit cold and snowy, but the birds are chirping and its staying light until 8 o’clock! yay! We spent the weekend doing a few Easter crafts and some decorating. The kids painted some salt dough easter eggs I made. It was fun, until 2 toddlers covered in paint tried climbing on my new kitchen chairs. Yikes. Heres the recipe I used:

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 cup of water

1 cup of flour

I rolled it out and used an egg-shaped cookie cutter to make the shapes. I then baked at 225 for 3 hours. I have heard you can put them in the microwave, but I tried it and they puffed up and cracked, but maybe you’ll have better luck. The kids loved painting…

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Have you ever tried a little pot?

I am addicted…to these little sample pots of paint!!


I am almost positive the Valspar ones were all free, (coupons baby!!) and the rest were less than $3. You can get them at Home Depot, Lowes, Menards and Walmart, and now come in almost any finish. YAY!

It is surprising how much you can do with these little 8oz guys!

Here are just a few things I have done with them..


I painted the red shutter in big sisters room..


I used the same red to paint these shelf brackets.


Same red pot of paint..


I even painted a bookcase. I bought 2 cans, for $5.98 and barely used the second can. I am planning on using the remainder to add a little color to the legs of my kitchen chairs.


My front door! I love it! Best $3 makeover ever! I love how it looks from the street!! I hope my neighbors do too!!


A little Ikea bench. Its the same can I used for my front door!


My ombre dresser makeover was done with a few sample pots too! You can see the whole post here.

Soo now can you tell why I love these things??!! They are cheap and awesome and go a lot farther than you would think.

Have you ever used them for more then just seeing if you want that color on you wall??

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