Year Round Wreath- Update!

About 2 weeks ago, I had the fabulous Cory here showing off her great idea for a year round wreath. Remember how cute it was..


Well, she is back with an update for spring!

Spring is here, although it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it! Even down here in the south we can’t escape the recent cold snap. The other day I watched as my backyard went from sunny, to white-out blizzard, then back to sunny in a matter of 15 minutes. Crazy!

While it may not FEEL like Spring outside, at least I can somewhat make it LOOK like Spring in my home.
I’ve transformed my St.Patty’s Day wreath into a Spring wreath. We’ve had some nasty wind storms lately so with the wreath blowing in the breeze on my front door I had to do a little bit of re-pinning to keep everything in place.
Once again, using the flower tutorial from Thinking Closet I made new flowers and stuck them on with velcro. I was really tempted to go with yellows and pinks, but something about the purple fabric I used just spoke to me. I put my little one down for a nap and got to work. It only took me about 25 minutes and I ended up with some time to peruse Pinterest for a new project until the O-man woke up from his nap.
Happy Spring, folks! Stay warm!
Looks great Cory! Thanks!!
Thanks for stopping by,

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