I shutter to think…

how much $$ I would save If I didn’t go to the Habitat for Humanity store every week.. I mean it is stuff we need, er want, no need! I needed to buy a shutter, and they are around $40 so I just saved us $37! right. Oh I also just bought the BEST light fixture too.. we just cant figure out how or where we will hang it.. see what I mean about saving $. If I didn’t go, I wouldn’t have spent the rest of my $37 that I saved! oh well. Good thing my husband is made of money. Oh shit. I forgot I married for love, not money.. next time I will get it right 😉

So back to the project, I picked up a shutter a few weeks ago for $3 at the Habitat Restore here.


I put a few coats of red paint on the shutter and used anchors and screws to attach it to the wall above A’s bed. Threw a few books into the slots and … I was like egh.. kinda boring. so I looked around the internet for some quotes or printables. Printables are the best thing out there. Some artsy person puts together a print or quote and lets you print it out. How generous is that? You can print it right on printer paper and throw it in a frame and you have instant art! and that is exactly what I did here..


I found the print here http://clubnarwhal.blogspot.com/2013/09/Free-Printable-Reading-Quote.html
Check out her blog and all the cute FREE Printables she has!

I used fabric I already had as a mat for my frame, which I jazzed up by adding some gold glitter wasabi tape and left over pom pom trim. I think it looks super for being FREE!!

A loves her book wall and I love how it was $3 for the whole project!!


Only a few more things to do in her room and it is done!
Here’s what I still want to do/get:
a rug (I am stalking the clearance bin at Pottery Barn Kids)
a chandelier (I loved the one in her Nursery)
a mirror (a full length one for when she plays dress up)

and once we finish her room, she will tell me she hates pink!!!

Thanks for stopping by,


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