$5 crafts

Hey guys, It’s the 5th of the month so I am back with another $5 craft. Actually 2 this week. With this house I have decided that I want to try to finish a space or project before starting another. I am not making promises that rooms will be 100% done before moving on, but with the last house, we were always all over the place and nothing ever looked “done.”
The night before we moved in, we painted our little ladies room. Pink, of course! We are going with the same color scheme that we had before, pink, red, and blue. This weeks crafts were super simple and very inexpensive, I think together they come in under $5!
The first one I did was add decorative trim to a lamp. She had a cute lamp that I painted and added a cute lampshade to, but it broke during the move 😦 So, I took another little lamp we already had and hot glued some ribbon and little pompom trim to the top and bottom rim. I bought the pack of ribbon from Michaels for $1. It had 5 different ribbons in it, a yard of each. You cant beat the $1 bins at Michaels! SONY DSC
it took all of a minute to glue on and looks super cute!
And how cute is that frame?? After Christmas sale at Kohls. $3 I think!
so the next little project I did was paint the letter A. I picked up the letter at Meijer for $2. I used red paint that I already had, and added some cute flowers, again from the $1 section at Michaels.
Its simple, cute and really personalizes her room!

I hung it on the wall by her door with a canvas I bought a while ago at TJMaxx and a wooden heart I found at Goodwill that I painted. I think its coming together nicely! I am in the process of making curtains, hopefully I can show them to you soon!

Thanks for stopping by,