Window Makeover

Since I stand at the kitchen sink every day, I want a cute window to look out. That was not the case when we moved in. There was no curtain and there was an ugly light fixture over my head. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this project, first because I am cheap, and second because we eventually want to gut this kitchen and I don’t want to spend a lot on a light fixture if I am not sure what look we will end up with. This is what we started with..

and here is where we ended..
I found the pendant at Menards on clearance for $25, bought a yard of fabric and some fringe from Hobby Lobby for $8, coupon used of course! I picked up a decorative curtain rod and 2 spring rods for about $14 for all.
I might paint the inside of the light an pretty teal…
I wanted a pom pom fringe, but I couldn’t find any in the right color, this is a little old ladyish, but I like it!

Jon removed the wood thing, no clue if it has a name, above the sink just by unscrewing from inside the cabinets. I used the same method I used here to create a faux roman shade, and I just hot glued the fringe on. Don’t judge me! Ha! I have no clue where my sewing machine is, and we had company coming over the next morning, so I needed it done quick. Who am I kidding, I hate sewing! Anyways it took only about an hour to put this all together and I think it looks super cute!
PicMonkey Collage


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