We Moved!

Since my last post, a ton has happened! We moved! Holy crap I never want to do that again! (we will have to though!) It was the most annoying and stressful thing I have ever gone through! As a seller, you have no control over the situation. We had an offer, it wasn’t what we wanted, but it was the only one we had, so we took it, after some negotiation of course! Then we waited and waited and waited. The crap heads buying our house took their sweet old time getting everything to the bank and we had to give the 2 extensions. We were under contract with them for almost 60 days! That’s a long time when you have 2 little kids and are living in a town that is different from your spouse!! We didn’t have the best experience with our realtor. We just felt left out of the loop. We were told we were going to close on the 15th of Oct and on the 14th we were told the buyers just submitted their paperwork. O.M.G. We were freaking out because we had an offer in on a house and we didn’t want to lose it! Luckily we didn’t. We had to pay a per diem to the lady we bought our new house from so she wouldn’t put it back on the market. It sucked! Finally we closed on both houses and it was moving time! We closed on a Wednesday in Columbus and then drove up to Youngstown to pack up. We had planned on driving back down on Friday with a big truck. Well on Friday morning, I get a call from the company we rented a truck from and we were told they didn’t have one for us. Really! They didn’t even sound sorry! I hate them! Luckily we have the best family ever and my dad and my father in law helped load up their cars and vans and we took as much stuff as we could fit into 6 vehicles. The following weekend we went back and got a huge U-Haul and packed up more. Well, the damn thing broke down on the side of 71!



Luckily (I guess) a mechanic came out and had it back up and running in about an hour! 2 days later we drove up again and got the last bit of things out of the house and cleaned up. I feel the need to tell you that the same people who took their sweet time to get their paperwork to the bank, kept asking us when they would get the keys (we agreed to 30 days from closing). Jerks! So they now have the keys and we have started settling into our new place. I have slowly started doing small craft projects and have spruced up a few spaces. We are very excited to make this new house our home. We all still feel like we are on vacation or something. The kids keep asking about the white house. God do I miss that house. It was far from perfect. It was cold and drafty and dirty all the time, but it was our home!! I know this place will feel like that soon, but its hard to be in that in-between place. The hubs said no big projects for a few months. I don’t know if I can wait that long!! I’m itching to paint the living room, and ohh the kitchen needs gutted and the bathrooms, egh. Luckily Christmas has kept me preoccupied and I haven’t ripped down any cabinets yet! Now I just need to decide what to do first! I will keep you all posted on my crafts and projects in our new house. Also, I will post some pics of the new house soon!

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