$5 day!

shit! I am a day late for $5 craft on the 5th…ok and maybe 2 months late too.. sorry. With all the craziness of the hubs living in a different town these days and selling the house and buying a new one and two toddlers, I haven’t had time for much crafting. and that sucks! On a positive note, we should be moving in about 2 weeks! Hooray for living with your hottie husband!! I plan on getting back to the blog on a regular basis again!

So back to my craft! I am digging washi tape, I found it at Pat Catans, I think it was on sale 2 rolls for $3! I picked up gold and purple..

SONY DSCI took a vase I had, probably from the dollar store, and just wrapped the tape around it to make three stripes. It took a total of 2 minutes and it looks so jazzy!


I cut a few hydrangeas from the yard and my mantel looked bright and sparkly!


(so this craft was done like 6 weeks ago, just pretend like I put some pretty fall looking flowers in the vase!)

Thanks for stopping by!



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