Sorry I fell off the edge for a while there. Life got in the way I guess. It’s been crazy around here. We went on vacation a few weeks ago, we went to Rehoboth, DE. We love it there! Anyways, while we were enjoying the warm/cold sun, we found out the hubs got a new job! wahoo! But it is in a town 3 hours away. And he had to start 2 days after we got home from vacation…  Boo. So in the past few weeks, I, and Jon on his weekends, have done nothing but paint and clean and finish up all those little projects you start, but then move on to the next thing before your done with the first. All to get the house ready to be put on the market. Tear!Tthe only crappy part about moving is having to sell our house. Oh and it sucks to leave our family and friends and quit my job. I like my job.. mostly. But we are moving to Columbus where there is soo much more to do and we actually have a bunch of family and friends there too so we will be ok! Back to selling the house. It sucks! It makes me sad. I feel like we are leaving it unfinished. There is still so much we wanted to do. Not to mention that we have 4 bedrooms, 2300 sq feet and almost 2 acres and we will soon be paying twice as much for half the house. Yuck.

So then I was thinking, since we will no longer be living in my grandpas house, can I still have a blog called mygrandpashouse?? well. hmm. Maybe we will by someone elses  grandpas house and you guys can read all about us redoing it! So I said screw it, lets keep it going! horray! Aren’t you excited??!! So I will probably not be doing too much in the furniture redos, but smaller less messy crafts for a while.. I do have to keep my house tidy! Also, no thrifting for a while. I hate it, I did go to GW this weekend and luckily they didn’t have too much in the way of furniture, my weakness. But I am not sure if I went in and the had a great piece I’d be able to walk away from it, so I might have to just stay out until we move. I’m already getting some withdraw shakes just thinking about it. Buy my basement looks like a furniture cemetary. And my neighbors probably think we are crazy because in the past 3 weeks, we put a nightstand, a desk, a curio, a table, and 3, yes 3 dressers at the curb. They were all taken and none went to the garbage so that’s good. I guess I might be a slight furniture hoarder. But we are purging these days!!

Back to getting the house ready.. my house has never been cleaner, and damn my house looks good clean! And with a bunch of the little projects finished up, there is less stress about finishing up stuff and always feeling like we have a million things to do. It’s unfortunate that it has to happen this way, and I think we will definitely try to finish things in the next place. Or not, we’ll see! So here’s a few things we worked on..

I painted the ceiling medallion. 3 years ago, the dining room was purple and we painted the medallion the same color, and we never got around to painting it back to white. 2o minutes it was done.. and looks sooo much nicer!

PicMonkey Collage111


We finished our closet!! I love it and I am so bummed I won’t get to enjoy it for years.. and look a those floors.. 77 cents a sq ft! love em!

PicMonkey Collage3344

We also painted the trim around the windows and washed the house and picked up a bunch of hanging baskets. Its looking good!


Now to put a sign in the yard and be get down to Columbus and be a family again!


Don’t mind my hair, I was on vacation!

I will keep you all posted on whats going on!!

Thanks for stopping by!



One thought on “MIA

  1. Sounds like you have been busy….your house looks great..Sad to hear your leaving it, but thankful you got to spend a few years there. its all about following the job. i know that too well. the kids
    are beautiful.

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