$5 craft day!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Sine it is the 5th of the month, it’s time for another $5 craft! I made cute chalkboard wine glasses.  I had all the supplies lying around, so for me it was free, but if you had to buy the supplies, you’d be right around $5. I have seen cute glasses for a buck a piece at the dollar store, and the spray paint I picked up at Hobby Lobby, use your 40% off coupon!!


I was planning on taping the glasses off at the top, but it’s hard to tape off a circle, so instead, I turned them upside down in a crappy plastic cup and painted them that way. I let them dry overnight, then rubbed them with the side of the chalk. I am not really sure why you are supposed to do this, when I wiped it off with a paper towel, you couldn’t tell I rubbed it down. O well, then your done!


You can set them out for a party with a few pieces of chalk and let friends write their names on their glasses!


Party Time!


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