cutest ceiling ever!

I am loving our new closet ceiling!


It was fairly inexpensive and easy to install. We started out with ugly old ceiling tiles that were glued on to the drywall. When we popped them off we were stuck with long weird strips of drywall. We could have mudded and sanded for a million hours, but that was not an option.


So we decided to do a pallet ceiling and we were in luck bc my work was getting rid of some. There was a pile 10 feet high I was told I could take. But, they were outside and it was pouring down rain. For a week. Boo. So since we really wanted to get on our project, and I didn’t want to put soaking wet pallets in my car, we went to home depot and bought some plywood. We had them rip them in half at the store, then we ripped them into 6″ strips at home. Jon used his nail gun and had them up on the ceiling within a few hours. For those of you who have small kids, you know that when I say it only took a few hours, that it was actually 4 days of 30-45 mins a day. whatever.


At first we thought about leaving it natural or staining it, but then once it was up it made the room feel a bit dark, so we decided to paint it. We just used a classic white ceiling paint, but we only did 1 coat, so it looks like it is just white washed. It looks sooo great!


Wait, how cute are those little corner things, no clue what their name is, but $4 is so worth not having to break out the coping saw for that crown. I wish we would have seen these earlier.. damn.

I am loving the progress we are making on our fancy master closet! As soon as it is done, we can finally start on our bedroom. I am pumped!!

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