More Burlap!

Holy Crap! It’s been 2 weeks since I have been able to get on here.. ahh Not what I wanted, but mommying comes first. I wish I could tell the toddlers to leave me alone so I can craft, but who am I kidding, I can’t even pee alone these days! We have been super busy working on a master closet! I am hoping to reveal that in the next week or 2. I am so excited about it!! Anyways back to this post. Last week I picked up a yard of pink burlap at Hobby Lobby, it was 3.99, then 40% off (so whatever that is). I didn’t know what I was going to use it for, but I love burlap and I love pink! Have you seen the burlap selection these days?? Such cute colors!! I was able to do a lot with only 1 yard.

I used some in place of a mat in a photo frame.


I love how it looks against the gold frame, that I picked up at GW for 1.99 and spray painted btw!

p.s. how funny is Amelia’s face in this pic??!! I love it!

I’d show you a photo of the whole picture, but as I was taking the pics someone decided to spill yogurt all over the couch and I got distracted, then forgot to take more pics.. damn husband.. jk it was the kids!!

I also jazzed up one of my dollar store candles. Remember I bought a bunch of them and wrapped a few in yarn, then spray painted them. Well this one I like so much more! HA!


I spray painted it gold with some left over paint. Then wrapped a strip of burlap around it and hot glued it in the back.  I added some twine and a little fabric flower I had and it was done! I totally love it! Dont you! I still have 2 candles left. What shall I do next?!

So after the picture and the candle, I still had a bunch of burlap left. So I decided to cover one of the many chairs I have lying around. I have 9, and 2 benches. OMG I am a chair hoarder!


So how cute is this chair? I’m picturing it at a desk in a teenage girls room, or in the dressing room of a fun boutique. Someone can sit on it while they are trying on really cute shoes!!


Well, there are a few of my adventures in Burlap Land!! I still have a little left, I am thinking about making a few burlap flowers to add to the gold frame.. we’ll see!

Thanks for stopping by




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