Happy Birthday!

Thanks to too much gin and juice at my brothers wedding, I have a 3 year old!! And in honor of her turning 3, we broke out our “Birthday Wreath!” If you don’t have a birthday wreath, you are a terrible mom and house wife! But don’t worry, you can redeem yourself by heading to the dollar store and buying about 8 100 packs of balloons, some push pins, a straw wreath and a thimble. The thimble is the most important part in making this wreath. You will have the sorest thumbs ever if you don’t use your thimble! This wreath took hours, I kept it in a bag, and would take it to work with me and work on it on my lunch break, I tried to convince my coworkers to join in, but they wernt too thrilled with that idea! Itches!! So all you do is use the pin to fix all the balloons onto the wreath. Genius!


BTW how great is my 3 year old?? She is the love of my life and the best things I have ever made, although this wreath is close!!

IMG_1748 copy(2)savesks

Thanks for stopping by!



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