you filthy chair

I feel like I am about to start an Orbitz ad.. About a year or two ago, be bought 6 kitchen chairs off of Craigslist. I recovered them right after we got them, but they have not held up very well. with 2 kids and a messy husband, they look gross. A cotton fabric is not that washable..I guess I did not think that one through.
ewe. Well I was walking around Hobby Lobby on my lunch day a few weeks ago and I saw a washable tablecloth with almost the exact pattern.


I had to get it. It was $36 but I had a 40% off coupon, you do the math, I cant figure it out. I was too busy flirting with my boyfriend/husband in math class, so I didn’t really pay attention. Anyways, It is large enough I was able to cover all 6 chairs, so well worth the twentysome (?) bucks!

I figured while I was recovering the chairs, I would add some padding. They were sinking pretty badly and weren’t too nice on the rump. I grabbed some foam and went to town cutting and pulling and stapling.


and Viola!


Kinda a lot of work for not a huge difference, but just knowing they are clean and comfy was worth it.


Just look at that height difference.. nice!

I have yet to let the kids sit on the chairs for dinner, we have done quite a few “picnics” with blankets on the living room floor. I hope the chairs last a few years, but knowing me, I’ll want to paint or recover them soon anyways.

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