I have a confession..

We are a messy family! I don’t want to be, who does, but we just are. I don’t know if it is possible to be tidy with 2 toddlers, but lets just say it’s not for my sake! My goal for 2013 was to try to be cleaner/more organized. So this was a simple and inexpensive fix, that I am kicking myself for not doing something sooner. I am sure my mom and grandmother, who are both super tidy women, are embarrassed I am showing you all this “before” picture, but as many people have said, I have no filter, so ..

PicMonkey Collageusethis


I feel like the “After” pic more than makes up for the first picture of me exposing my mess. I only spent about $15 for the little makeover. The fabric for my window treatment I picked up for $5.99 from Joann Fabrics and the sample can of paint from Lowes was $3, the color is Lemongrass, by Behr.  After taking the laundry downstairs and putting the light fixture we picked up from Ikea that is to big to hang anywhere in the basement, (womp) I did a little wiping down and vacuuming. Then, I went to town painting. What a difference this makes. Seeing a mess there everyday just put me in a bad mood. Now this is the first thing I see in the morning and every time I walk up the steps, and I love it! And if you come in through the front door and look up the stairs, you can see the great new window treatment. Who doesn’t love a great Roman Shade? Or is it a Roman Shade? Come back in a few days to see my easy no-sew shade!

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