The Pinterest Challenge!!!

So a few of my favorite blogs set up a challenge to make something you pinned on Pinterest. I am obsessed with Pinterest and found this super hard because I have pinned about a million things that I wanted to make. After some long deep thinking (HA), I went with a crate shelving unit for our bathroom.

This picture was my inspiration from Pinterest.

Pinned Image

And this is what I came up with..



and it was done on the cheap side!! You know I love all things cheap!

I picked up 2 crates from Michaels, they were originally $12 but I used a %50 off coupon, I did buy 1 then go back a week later and pick up the second. You know I am not going to pay full price for something if I can get a better deal on it next week. It totally helps that I work close to the shopping centers so I can go to the craft store every day at lunch. I do it. ask my coworkers! We had the stain left over from our new kitchen table.. oh that’s a beauty too!! I’ll show it to you maybe next week. Then I just took long 2 in wood screws and screwed it into the wall. 4 screws on each crate. Sorry If I am offending anyone by using the word screw so many times.. anyways, make sure you find a stud to screw into. Again my mind goes dirty.

This is the stain I used. I am surprised at how far a little can of stain will go. I just used 1 coat. I didn’t seal it, but this has a polyurethane built-in so it should be fine. It’s not like it will be getting wet, maybe just a little steamy.


I found these two pictures at Target the other day for $5.96 a piece, and I couldn’t resist the pretty little birdies! They are each about 8×10 and have a goldish frame. Way cuter in person..


I think they look great with the crates. A little vintage+rustic=LOVE


Well, that’s what I made!!


The Pinterest Challege: Winter Edition is hosted by Katie from Bower Power, Sherry from Young House Love, Megan from The Remodeled Life, and Michelle from Decor and the Dog.

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5 thoughts on “The Pinterest Challenge!!!

  1. Caroline keep it up. There will be some producer in hollywood that will discover you and want to make a show about you, your hubby and babies and your crazy fantastic beautiful imagination!!! You have great ideas, so much potential and the personality for success. I love you.

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