Rag Wreath

Guess what.. this one was totally free!


and who doesn’t love a free wreath??

All you need is a wire hanger and scraps of fabric. I took a bunch of leftover fabric I had, I had a lot, and cut it into about 1.5 x 6 inch strips. Then I just randomly tied them around the hanger that I bent into a circle. You do need a lot of fabric, and it’s sort of tedious. But if you can watch the Kardashians for an hour, you can make this wreath.  I have actually made a few of these and even when I have had to buy some fabric for them it really didn’t cost much. I am pretty sure I will bust out another one this weekend, possibly a St Pattys Day one..I have some green and yellow fabric left over, so I will probably just pick up a few more fabrics. Did you know you can buy fabric in a 3in strip? I found out last time I bought some for a wreath. So you can buy a few 3 in x 3ft pieces for super cheap and you will be able to cut a lot of strips off that for a big full wreath that has a lot of different patterns in it. Great!!

so go from this..


add this..


and get this..



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