Ombre Love!

This has got to be my favorite piece of furniture in my house right now! And it cost me $6! Can I get a woot woot!!




This was the dresser I used all growing up and I am pretty sure my parents bought it at a garage sale. A few weeks ago my mom dropped it off and said, “it’s yours, get it out of my house.” Not in a mean way though. 😉 This is what it looked like then..



I chose this greenish yellow color combo to help brighten up the room. The wall color is dark and with the black hutch and little lighting, the room was feeling quite small. I think it has lightened the room and really cheered it up!


I picked up 2 sample cans of paint from Home Depot. They were $2.98 each! I grabbed a dark yellow-green called Lemongrass and a lighter shade with the same tones, but can’t find the paint chip to tell ya the name. After a ton of sanding, I started with the bottom 2 drawers and painted them with the dark color. Then I added some leftover white paint to the dark color and used that for the next 2 drawers. I did that again for the next 2. Then to do the top 2 drawers and the rest of the dresser, I added what was left of the dark can with the lighter color. I was cutting it close with having enough paint, but it worked out perfectly!


I kept the original hardware. partially to save some money and partially because I just put fun knobs on the hutch.  I didn’t want matchey matchey or for it to be knob overload! What do you think? Keep the original pulls or get new ones??


You don’t have to say it, the mirror is too small for that wall… I’m working on it.


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