Jazzin up the Latrine!

We have been working on our main bathroom for over a year. Why has it taken so long? I have no clue.. but it’s almost finished! Like 95% done!! Just a bit of touch ups on the baseboard, a little caulk for the tub, and a few more things for the walls and we’ll be good to go! Hmm that sounds like more than 5 %.. but really only an hour or two of work. Which it is super hard to get an hour of work in when you have 2 toddlers and a spouse who works an opposite shift of you. Anyways, back to the bathroom. I wish I had taken before shots. Picture Aqua tiles (half broken) on the floor and the walls, a large  shower and a window next to the toilet that when you pulled up the blinds you saw a wall. weird. We did it all for about $500. A tight budget for a complete gut job, but I think we did a good job! I’ll have to clean it soon and get more pics up. Here are just a few from some of the thing we did this week.

I finished painting the crown moulding! Love it! Especially with the wainscoting on the ceiling. It really finishes everything nicely.


I also hung some artwork. I bought this print off of etsy.com for $18 and I used a frame we already had. I though it was fun for the kids!


Here’s a shot of that wall…


I’m loving this color combo right now!! BTW this is the 6th shower curtain we have had in the 4 years we have lived here.

What do you put above the toilet?? We had a gray wall for way too long..


So I picked up a pack of shelving brackets at Home Depot, and made this shelf! We already had the wood, and I just used some craft paint from my stash. So it was pretty inexpensive and a quick fix to a bland wall.



Well, hopefully we can wrap up this bathroom redo soon. I just bought a few big wooden crates from Michael’s that I plan on staining and screwing into the wall for some added storage. So I’ll be back soon with an update on those. They better come out as great as I am imagining they will. Fingers Crossed 😉

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