Some Diy Artwork!!

We all know that I am cheap, and I love little things that are personal or handmade. So here are a few things in my house that I made on the cheap side that I love.

This is just our initials I typed up on word and printed off on regular printer paper, then stuck it in a frame we already had. Woola! FREE!!


I wanted something to go in the small space above the stove, so I threw this together with some leftover fabric and old silverware. I spray painted the silverware a watermelon pink, then put the fabric behind the glass of the frame, then I used liquid nails to fix the silverware to the glass.  This was a free project too!!



This last one did cost a few dollars, $6 to be exact.. but it was worth the big bucks! I ordered a card from and gave it to Jon for our anniversary, then I put it in a frame I already had, and used a piece of scrapbook paper as a backing. It looks great on my homemade shelf!untitled777

I love filling my house with personality, and these are a few great pieces that represent me! Cheap, Bold and Witty!!

Thanks for stopping by!



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