More Thrift Store Finds

Hey guys! I wanted to show off some of my newest gems! I am so excited about them. Thrifting is like crack to me! I can’t stop..ahh

So here is a mirror I picked up at Goodwill, $1!!  I sort of like it as it is, but knowing me, I’ll probably take some spray paint to it as soon as it warms up outside.


And this cute yellow urn was $1.99 at Salvation Army.  Great Right??!!SONY DSC

My best score… This baby!! $27 and I had a $10 gift certificate, so I only paid $17 bones!! Sooo Super! I am pretty sure I am painting this thing! It is sort of beat up, but still the best thing I have ever seen!! SONY DSC

This was a cute little vase I bought for 99 cents! Won’t she look cute with pink tulips in her?? And it is signed by the artist!! HASONY DSC SONY DSC

A Globe!! it was a bit pricey at $4.99, but I’ve been on the hunt for one for a while. Its gonna go in the toy room, I think. I have it on a shelf in the family room and sort of like it there… SONY DSC

And this super lamp I just picked up for $5.99.. doesn’t it look like something ou would see for big bucks at Pottery Barn or something. I’ll have to look for a great lampshade next time I’m out.SONY DSC SONY DSC

And last were these cute glasses I picked up for 25 cents a piece. I love how there is a little boy and a little girl on them. I googled them and they are worth about $8 each! Woo Hoo!SONY DSC

Well, that’s what I have brought home in the past few weeks. I’m sure I’ll be out next weekend because it’s half off at Goodwill on Friday and Saturday!! Everyone go and let me know what you find!!!


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