burlap and yarn

Its been chaos around here lately.. I don’t know why. The holidays are over, but it still seems like there is no time to do anything! My house is a mess and I still have a few Christmas decorations hanging around. I am trying to organize everything as I put it away. Maybe I will make that my new years resolution..organize my life! Is it terrible I never really set one? Does everyone set one? if you don’t set one does that mean you think you have nothing to improve on? Or you are realistic and know it’s not going to last, so why set yourself up for failure? ha?! If you were to walk into my house right now, you would think I am failing miserably at this organizing resolution.. ahh! OOWell! So, while trying to get my mind off the mess, I made a few lampshades. I love them both!

SONY DSCThis is the first. My mom gave me a set of these gold lamps, they had cream lampshades that were about 20 years old. I just cut the fabric off and started wrapping. 5 packs of yarn later and I wound up with this cutie!!




So the second lampshade I made this week, was kinda messy. Burlap sheds, I love the stuff, but not the residue.. Oh well, it’s so cute, it was worth all the vacuuming! It was a cheapie too! Just 2 bucks! I bought 1 yard of fabric and cut it into 2 1/2 inch strips, ironed them in half and then hot glued them to the lampshade. easy! SONY DSC


I am oo so pleased with my new shades! Simple, but they look so fun and different!


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