bags under my eyes!

Well, that was exhausting! I swear 2 days ago it was Thanksgiving and now Christmas is over!! What, when did that happen??! I am sitting here, in my new robe with my new slippers drinking a glass, err bottle of wine (My family knows me well) looking around at this mess! I have boxes and toys and clothes and toys and tools and toys and a dying christmas tree in my living room. I am in need of a big shovel and more wine, oh and a maid!! My project for this week is to organize organize organize.. I’m terrible at it, ask my mom! My brother got the clean gene, luckily I am the good-looking one in the family! haha JK Anyways back to cleaning, I am determined to have at least half of the decorations put away and maybe take the tree down. I don’t want to, but it is dropping needles like crazy and I want my living room back to some normalcy!

here are a few things I have pinned to my “I Hate Cleaning” board on Pinterest..


Pinned Imageorganizational tipsPinned ImagePinned Image





Lots of great tips! Maybe if I would spend more time cleaning and less time on Pinterest I would have a clean house!!

Tomorrow is “Date Night” and instead of going to a nice place for dinner, I have talked Jon into going to Tjmaxx and Target to buy baskets and bins for all the new toys Santa brought. I plan on spending saturday morning purging old mismatched toys, and getting my house back!! Waahoo! The glamorous life of a housewife!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Crazy Christmas!








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