I Heart my Ceiling!

I love my new bathroom ceiling! yay! It makes me smile every morning ūüėČ Look.. isn’t it great?!


It was one of the simplest and inexpensive projects we have done. And talk about big impact, you walk in the bathroom and its like.. “oh I’m a super cool bathroom!!”

Here’s what we did..


We used this stuff.. Picked it up at Lowes for about $20 a roll. We used about 1.5 rolls. They have a lot of different patterns, we liked the wainscoting pattern the best. So, First we measured and cut all of our sheets.  We needed  7. We went cross ways, so you walk into the bathroom and the lines and going horizontally. The instructions say to dip it for 30 seconds, then let it sit for 5 min, but we found that it was too wet and gooey that way and really hard to get on the ceiling. We used a spray bottle and just soaked the crap out of the sheets and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then we started out at one end and worked our way to the other end. It was helpful to take a damp cloth and smooth out the bubbles.  Make sure to line up the seams nicely. Do not overlap the seams, just press the up against each other as close as you can get them. This is definitely a 2 man project. Maybe even 3 if you have a long/big bathroom. It went pretty quick. We did it in 2 nights only working for about and hour each night. I was very surprised and impressed with how great this stuff is! We had really ugly ceilings, paint was peeling and was just gross. It hid the imperfections well, although we did do a light sanding on the ceiling before we hung this stuff. After 48 hours of drying, Jon painted 2 coats of bathroom ceiling paint. So far it has held up to the moisture that naturally comes with a bathroom, however we have a good exhaust fan that we always use while showering. I think it should hold up for a long time since it is more foamy than papery. If that makes sense?



Soo much better don’t you think! I want to do this soo¬†bad in my kitchen now too! Now we just have to hang the crown moulding and the bathroom is done! YAY it only took a year to do! haha I’ll keep ya posted on how that goes!






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