yes, that’s a bed hanging on my wall!

So here is the cute coat rack I just finished..SONY DSC

It was much needed for our mudroom, and best part it was super cheap! I had the bed and used left over grey paint to cover the bed. I picked up some hooks from the hardware store then spray painted them too, not my original plan, but I accidentally picked up 2 different finishes on the hooks. woomp woomp. So they got a coat of leftover paint too.. let them dry for a few days to really cure, then I screwed them on. Then I just hung it using 2 picture hanging hooks. I think I paid more to hang the piece, then I did on making it.


Hopefully this spring we will be able to start the mud room makeover. We need new windows, new ceiling, new flooring, new back door, some cabinets, a sink, lots of painting.. It’s going to be a big project, but I am itching to get started on it!


bags under my eyes!

Well, that was exhausting! I swear 2 days ago it was Thanksgiving and now Christmas is over!! What, when did that happen??! I am sitting here, in my new robe with my new slippers drinking a glass, err bottle of wine (My family knows me well) looking around at this mess! I have boxes and toys and clothes and toys and tools and toys and a dying christmas tree in my living room. I am in need of a big shovel and more wine, oh and a maid!! My project for this week is to organize organize organize.. I’m terrible at it, ask my mom! My brother got the clean gene, luckily I am the good-looking one in the family! haha JK Anyways back to cleaning, I am determined to have at least half of the decorations put away and maybe take the tree down. I don’t want to, but it is dropping needles like crazy and I want my living room back to some normalcy!

here are a few things I have pinned to my “I Hate Cleaning” board on Pinterest..


Pinned Imageorganizational tipsPinned ImagePinned Image





Lots of great tips! Maybe if I would spend more time cleaning and less time on Pinterest I would have a clean house!!

Tomorrow is “Date Night” and instead of going to a nice place for dinner, I have talked Jon into going to Tjmaxx and Target to buy baskets and bins for all the new toys Santa brought. I plan on spending saturday morning purging old mismatched toys, and getting my house back!! Waahoo! The glamorous life of a housewife!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Crazy Christmas!







It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

It has been crazy around here lately. Between the Christmas parties, shopping, baking, overtime, and having 2 toddlers, we have done nothing around the house lately. I was hoping we would have had the crown moulding up in the bathroom by now, but I’m giving us until mid january to finish it up. HA  We did do some decorating this weekend. I think it’s looking real pretty over here!


It’s a real tree! A Douglas Fir (I think). It smells wonderful, but doesn’t hold nearly as many ornaments as our fake one did. Jon likes it though, he always said I’d never leave a branch without an ornament. It looks pretty and simple and we were able to pick out the special ornaments that we loved. The kids also made a bunch. They had a ball! I bought little wooden Moose at Pat Catans a few mounts ago. They were .25 cents each and my original plan was to spay them with chalkboard paint and use them as gift tags, but Amelia asked it she could paint them, so now we are using the sticker tags on gifts! haha

PicMonkey Collagepaint

PicMonkey Collagexmas

Pretty darn cute! I think Amelia’s favorite part was sprinkling them with glitter.. I’m creating a monster there!!

Here are some more pics of around the house..

SONY DSCThe Mantle..


SONY DSCRemember those thrift store jars I painted awhile back? I just added a little red ric rac and they are ready for Christmas!

SONY DSCThe bay window in the Kitchen got a little Jazzed up with a Wreath:)

SONY DSCAnnual Santa Pic..We are going tomorrow with my mom, I’m excited to see how they will do this year!!

SONY DSCEven the Bathroom got some Christmas Cheer!


SONY DSCThe Dining Room Hutch..

SONY DSCAnd a bowl of ornaments and pinecones made a side table look festive!


We didn’t do as much as we normally do, but I think it all still looks fun and festive for the kids. They are so excited for Santa! Amelia wants everything under the sun! Last week we were watching tv and a commercial for a craftsman power drill came on and she screams “OO I need that!” haha We’ll have to see what Santa brings! I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas Season!

I Heart my Ceiling!

I love my new bathroom ceiling! yay! It makes me smile every morning 😉 Look.. isn’t it great?!


It was one of the simplest and inexpensive projects we have done. And talk about big impact, you walk in the bathroom and its like.. “oh I’m a super cool bathroom!!”

Here’s what we did..


We used this stuff.. Picked it up at Lowes for about $20 a roll. We used about 1.5 rolls. They have a lot of different patterns, we liked the wainscoting pattern the best. So, First we measured and cut all of our sheets.  We needed  7. We went cross ways, so you walk into the bathroom and the lines and going horizontally. The instructions say to dip it for 30 seconds, then let it sit for 5 min, but we found that it was too wet and gooey that way and really hard to get on the ceiling. We used a spray bottle and just soaked the crap out of the sheets and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then we started out at one end and worked our way to the other end. It was helpful to take a damp cloth and smooth out the bubbles.  Make sure to line up the seams nicely. Do not overlap the seams, just press the up against each other as close as you can get them. This is definitely a 2 man project. Maybe even 3 if you have a long/big bathroom. It went pretty quick. We did it in 2 nights only working for about and hour each night. I was very surprised and impressed with how great this stuff is! We had really ugly ceilings, paint was peeling and was just gross. It hid the imperfections well, although we did do a light sanding on the ceiling before we hung this stuff. After 48 hours of drying, Jon painted 2 coats of bathroom ceiling paint. So far it has held up to the moisture that naturally comes with a bathroom, however we have a good exhaust fan that we always use while showering. I think it should hold up for a long time since it is more foamy than papery. If that makes sense?



Soo much better don’t you think! I want to do this soo bad in my kitchen now too! Now we just have to hang the crown moulding and the bathroom is done! YAY it only took a year to do! haha I’ll keep ya posted on how that goes!




Road Trip!

This past weekend we took a little trip up to Niagara Falls, NY. Luckily it is only a 3 hour drive. We were driving with a 1 yr old and a 2 yr old. I was scared! Sometimes a trip to the grocery store 1.3 miles away is too much to handle. It was ok though. We watched Barney a few times. I swore I would never let my kids watch that damn purple dino, but they love him.. and If he keeps them happy, then I’m happy! Even though we were only there for one night, our trunk made us look like we were going for a month… diaper bags, duffel bags, snack bag, pack n play, 2 strollers, (they take up less space than our double!), blankies, and 3 HUGE stuffed animals, named: MooMoo, Bear Bear and Doggy, can you guess what they are??!!

PicMonkey Collage

  Anyways, Jon loves the Buffalo Bills, and my Uncle got him tickets, so we went! I feel the need to share that our wedding anniversary was a few weeks ago and I asked Jon to take the day off to take me out to dinner, but he sadly “didn’t want to waste any time” so he couldn’t, but as soon as Bills tickets came up, he “had to take the weekend off!!” He owes me big time!! We did have a great time though. We went to the Falls, I was a nervous wreck! I wanted to duck tape the kids into the stroller.. I didn’t and we all survived!! It was chilly and overcast, but still a beautiful sight!


PicMonkey Collagerrt3


We went to the Casino Saturday night, we lost 😦 Were not big spenders, but we usually come out ahead when we go, this time, not so much. Ouch! Sunday morning we got up and headed to the game. We tailgated, and by tailgating, I mean I sat in the trunk of our car while my uncle cooked out in the pouring rain. Luckily it was in the 50s and not that cold. But damn, was it rainy. The game was fun despite the weather! They won too! So the hubs was a happy man! All and all, we had a great little trip! It was nice to get out of Ohio for a while and spend time with family! Anyone else take a little road trip lately?




We have a few projects going on around here. We just finished putting up the wallpaper on the bathroom ceiling. It looks great! Were hoping to paint it next week, so hopefully we will have some pics up soon! I bought my wood last night for my project from the Ana White book I got last week. I am determined to do the entire project my self. Usually the hubs helps with some of the power tools, but this time, it’s all me baby! I’m really hopeful that we can wrap up a few project before Christmas. Ha wishful thinking I know! I’ll keep ya posted!

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Thanks for reading!