6 Years baby!!

Six years ago I married my best friend.. haha don’t you hate when people say that. I mean ok sure.. but c’mon. Anyways, were still going strong! It’s not so bad being married to the hottest man out there. He really is the best husband/father/best friend there ever was. Amelia is really into anything Princess lately and she keeps turning daddy into frogs so I can kiss him and turn him into a Prince, but he has been my prince for 14(ish) years. Haha. ok enough mushy talk!

So since everyone know that Wood is the gift for the 6th Anniversary. Just kidding, I googled it.  Anyways, I bought Jon a Scroll Saw. He bought me a book, The Handbuilt Home, by Ana White.


I’m loving it! It really has a lot of great ideas and tutorials for simple woodworking projects. I am determined to make something in here within the next few weeks. Page 46 will be conquered!! There are a bunch of cute ideas for kid items too, bunk beds, adirondack chairs, a step stool. Now all I need is a few long nap times to get a few things made! Who wants a bench for Christmas??!!



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