I think it was a drinking game of spoons that led to spooning..forking..babies.. then staying home on a saturday night making decorating spoons. At least with these spoons, you wont have a killer hangover the next day 😉

They were super easy to make. I made 4 in about an hour. I have plans to make a million more. So act surprised if you get some from me for Christmas!!

Here is my supply list:

26mm wire $3.50

Spoons $0.50 each

Beads $7 for 3 packs

Total: $12.50  I made 4 spoons and have enough wire for about 8 more and some beads left too!

I took about 3-4 feet of wire and wrapped it around the stem down by the spoon end. After I wrapped it a few times, I started adding beads. I kept going up the spoon until there was a little less than an inch left. I wrapped the excess wire back down to secure the beads. I tucked the end of the wire under the beads. It’s nice a secure, the kids have been using the “pretty poons” and they have havent budged!

I am loving how they turned out! Cant wait to use them at Thanksgiving dinner!!



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