Chalk it up!

We did this about a year ago and it is still one of my favorite things in the house. It comes in handy so much more than we thought! It keeps the kids occupied while we are cooking, we write notes to the babysitters, make grocery lists on it, write love notes, or “honey do” lists!! Best part about it is it was super inexpensive! You know we love doing things that are on the cheap side!!

We have this wall on a little step down and never knew what to do with the wall. We tried art and shelves, but the basement and the bathroom are right there and when the doors were flung open, they would always hit whatever was on the wall. We decided on the chalkboard wall. So off we went to grab some paint. Guess what.. we didn’t buy Chalkboard Paint!! We bought Black Flat Latex Paint!! Way way cheaper and works just like Chalkboard paint. We marked on the wall how big we wanted it, then painted the wall with a roller and did 2 coats of the black paint. To frame out the board, we used chair rail we had left over from the dining room. We cut 45 degree angles and pieced them together for the frame, it’s about 4′ x 6′. We decided on blue for the frame. Almost done! Before we could use the chalkboard wall, we had to “condition” it. I just took a piece of chalk and rubbed it on its side all over the board, wiped it off, and now were done!

I took a hanging planter we bought at Ikea for a few bucks and hung it from the ceiling to hold the chalk. Works great and looks super cute!



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