6 Years baby!!

Six years ago I married my best friend.. haha don’t you hate when people say that. I mean ok sure.. but c’mon. Anyways, were still going strong! It’s not so bad being married to the hottest man out there. He really is the best husband/father/best friend there ever was. Amelia is really into anything Princess lately and she keeps turning daddy into frogs so I can kiss him and turn him into a Prince, but he has been my prince for 14(ish) years. Haha. ok enough mushy talk!

So since everyone know that Wood is the gift for the 6th Anniversary. Just kidding, I googled it.  Anyways, I bought Jon a Scroll Saw. He bought me a book, The Handbuilt Home, by Ana White.


I’m loving it! It really has a lot of great ideas and tutorials for simple woodworking projects. I am determined to make something in here within the next few weeks. Page 46 will be conquered!! There are a bunch of cute ideas for kid items too, bunk beds, adirondack chairs, a step stool. Now all I need is a few long nap times to get a few things made! Who wants a bench for Christmas??!!




I think it was a drinking game of spoons that led to spooning..forking..babies.. then staying home on a saturday night making decorating spoons. At least with these spoons, you wont have a killer hangover the next day 😉

They were super easy to make. I made 4 in about an hour. I have plans to make a million more. So act surprised if you get some from me for Christmas!!

Here is my supply list:

26mm wire $3.50

Spoons $0.50 each

Beads $7 for 3 packs

Total: $12.50  I made 4 spoons and have enough wire for about 8 more and some beads left too!

I took about 3-4 feet of wire and wrapped it around the stem down by the spoon end. After I wrapped it a few times, I started adding beads. I kept going up the spoon until there was a little less than an inch left. I wrapped the excess wire back down to secure the beads. I tucked the end of the wire under the beads. It’s nice a secure, the kids have been using the “pretty poons” and they have havent budged!

I am loving how they turned out! Cant wait to use them at Thanksgiving dinner!!


my shelf

Well hello there! We have been super busy around the house lately. Not getting much accomplished, but that’s life with 2 toddlers in tow. Is this true for everyone, you think “oh that’s an easy project I can tackle in an afternoon” and it snowballs into a 4 week-long ordeal? Well, that about how it has been with us. We wanted to get all the kids outside toys cleaned up so we could park in the garage, so we figured we would put some stuff in the basement, but then decided to clean the basement before we put anything else down there. Then, since it was cleaned, let’s paint it… you see why things take forever to get done. Well it’s almost done being painted and we can pull 1 car into the garage. I’m hoping within the next week we can get 2 cars in there.. fingers crossed the kids nap good this weekend so we can get stuff done 😉

There is one thing that didn’t take me too long to get done, my new shelf.

I bought a scrap 1×8 and some wooden brackets for a few bucks at Lowes. The brackets came unfinished, so I primed and painted them white, then used some leftover stain for the top. I used Liquid Nails to attach the top to the brackets. Easy!

I love the contrast of the wood and the clean white.

The brackets come ready to hang, so we just used wall anchors and screws to hang the shelf.  I’m thinking about making a similar shelf for the upstairs bathroom, which we are in the middle of painting.

So, anyone else have a bunch of project going on?? Is it always crazy at your house too?

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little lamp

Last weekend I picked up a little lamp base at GW  for $1.50.. A little spray paint, a lampshade we already had, and some ribbon trim and it turned into a sweet lamp for Amelia’s nightstand.

cute right??

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Chalk it up!

We did this about a year ago and it is still one of my favorite things in the house. It comes in handy so much more than we thought! It keeps the kids occupied while we are cooking, we write notes to the babysitters, make grocery lists on it, write love notes, or “honey do” lists!! Best part about it is it was super inexpensive! You know we love doing things that are on the cheap side!!

We have this wall on a little step down and never knew what to do with the wall. We tried art and shelves, but the basement and the bathroom are right there and when the doors were flung open, they would always hit whatever was on the wall. We decided on the chalkboard wall. So off we went to grab some paint. Guess what.. we didn’t buy Chalkboard Paint!! We bought Black Flat Latex Paint!! Way way cheaper and works just like Chalkboard paint. We marked on the wall how big we wanted it, then painted the wall with a roller and did 2 coats of the black paint. To frame out the board, we used chair rail we had left over from the dining room. We cut 45 degree angles and pieced them together for the frame, it’s about 4′ x 6′. We decided on blue for the frame. Almost done! Before we could use the chalkboard wall, we had to “condition” it. I just took a piece of chalk and rubbed it on its side all over the board, wiped it off, and now were done!

I took a hanging planter we bought at Ikea for a few bucks and hung it from the ceiling to hold the chalk. Works great and looks super cute!



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Arent they cute?

I picked up these two kids at a neighbors garage sale for a few bucks each.  I love how they turned out. The dark teal chair and the bright fun fabric looks great together. And I probably spent around $15 total on these two! That’s the best part!

The chairs were pretty beat up and didn’t take the paint to well, so I decided instead of re-sanding and priming, I just distressed them. I actually like them so much more this way, it kinda mixes the old and new together. They are in my living room in front of our big picture window… for now!