Damn Squirrels

Look at what those rodents did to my beautiful pumpkins..

Little Rascals! Anyone have any advice on how to keep the squirrels away? I googled it and got a few suggestions.. deer urine, red pepper flakes, hot sauce mixed with water, bb gun.. some were cruel (bb gun). I don’t want to hurt the squirrels, but I do want them to stay away from my pumpkins! Will the deer urine then attract deer? We had 5 deer in our front yard the other night. I don’t want them to start eating my pumpkins!

Well I threw all my pumpkins in the woods, so If I get more, I will have to try out some squirrel away methods. And since I took all the pumpkins off the front porch, It was looking a little drab. So, I took an old chair, threw a coat of orange paint on it and put it on the porch. It looks so cute and cannot be eaten! It’s a nice pop of orange.

Loving the chair, but I think I need some more pumpkins soon!!


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