Damn Squirrels

Look at what those rodents did to my beautiful pumpkins..

Little Rascals! Anyone have any advice on how to keep the squirrels away? I googled it and got a few suggestions.. deer urine, red pepper flakes, hot sauce mixed with water, bb gun.. some were cruel (bb gun). I don’t want to hurt the squirrels, but I do want them to stay away from my pumpkins! Will the deer urine then attract deer? We had 5 deer in our front yard the other night. I don’t want them to start eating my pumpkins!

Well I threw all my pumpkins in the woods, so If I get more, I will have to try out some squirrel away methods. And since I took all the pumpkins off the front porch, It was looking a little drab. So, I took an old chair, threw a coat of orange paint on it and put it on the porch. It looks so cute and cannot be eaten! It’s a nice pop of orange.

Loving the chair, but I think I need some more pumpkins soon!!


my little picasso

We are changing up my little girls bedroom, and we needed some artwork. Since she loves to paint, I decided to let her create something. I took an old canvas picture I had, and put a few coats of white paint and it was as good as new! I got out some paints in the colors we are using in her room, and let her go to town. It kept her occupied for close to an hour!!! For those of you who have 2 1/2 year olds, you know that it was long time!! I was actually able to unload then load the dishwasher without interruption!

She was concentrating so hard, she wouldn’t even look up while I was making crazy noises trying to get her to smile at me 😉

I love how it turned out. And every time she walks into her room, she says ” oo my painting!”  I love that too!!


Fall Fun

Was today not the most beautiful day ever?? We took advantage of the warm sunny day and headed to the park. So fun! We collected acorns, saw the biggest leaves ever, played hide and seek behind the trees, and swung on the “bigkid” swing! haha

We had a blast, until a bunch or teens showed up with their loud music and black n milds.  damn rugrats!!

Anyone else spend the day outside??


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I think you all should know I am sitting on the bathroom floor while writing this post! Haha My darling little lady is taking a bath!

So, over the weekend, I posted some pics of things I was working on around the house. I had a 3 day weekend, then the hubs had 3 days off, and even though my house is still a mess, I think we managed to get a lot of things accomplished. Our main goal was to get the little lady into her “big girl” bed. We did it! Knock on wood, it went pretty smoothly. We weren’t sure how it would go but, so far, so good. She looks adorable sleeping in it. And its the best thing ever crawling in there and cuddling with a good book, her current favorite is Piglet and Mama. It’s so cute and she like to “read” it to me! Anyways, we painted the bed, dresser and nightstand, she helped. I think the came out super cute.

Heres the bed, it’s a bright red and really looks cute against the pink walls. I ordered a cute comforter and hopefully it arrives soon so we can finish putting her room all together. We’re going for sweet girly vintage in her room, and its coming together quite nice if I do say so!!

This set was originally a light maple color. After a few coats of primer and paint, I distressed it a little. It looks great!  It was my first attempt at distressing, and I’m excited about how it came out.

I’ll be back soon with more of our finished projects.


Busy Bees (or Craft ADD)

I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, Thank You Mr. Columbus!! I took advantage of this long weekend to finish up a few projects. Well, I thought I would finish up my projects. I must have forgotten that I have 2 toddlers and nothing ever get accomplished around here. Maybe tomorrow I will get lucky and their naps will overlap a little and I can finish up. I’m soo close!!

Baby Girl is moving to a big bed. I was given a great little bedroom set with a new mattress and everything! So I painted the headboard RED! It looks great!  The dresser and nightstand are going to be white. I am distressing them. I think I primed them too well though, I’ve been sanding forever and the paint is coming off slow!  I also want to make a wreath for my side front door. I painted it blue last week, same as the front door. But I think it needs something on it. So hopefully I can sit down with my glue gun and whip something up. I’m also working on a set of chairs I bought last weekend at a garage sale. They are looking super cute! I don’t know what I am going to do with them yet, maybe see If I can sell them. Another project is to finish putting up a little gallery wall. I had some photos printed out for it, then gave them to my mom, so I have to print more out then I can check that off my list. I bet my hubs is so glad he took tomorrow off! I am gonna put him to work! Anyone else working on projects this long weekend??


Knock Knock

It’s a BLUE door! It was sort of a gut decision and I don’t know how I feel about it. I think once I finish painting the trim it will look a lot better. When we first moved in, the door was burgundy and the trim and shutters were a hunter green. Now the trim is going white and we have black shutters and a blue door. We bought new hardware, so hopefully in the next few weeks, everything will come together and look great!

Whatcha think?? Is the Blue ok or too bright?? Should I go Red??