as good as gold

On a recent trip down to Ikea, we picked up this cutie.

But then I gave her a coat of paint!

I’m really loving it! I was a bit nervous about painting something that was brand new. I have painted a million old pieces to spruce them up, but this was new and a little pricey. I didn’t want to ruin it, but I’m so pleased with how it turned out. It’s nice and bright and looks soo much better than the messy desk that was in that spot a few days ago.  Our wireless router box in the basket on the bottom, and I’m not loving the basket. I saw one today at Hobby Lobby, but it was $34 bones. Ouch. I think we might have enough scrap wood lying around to make something free! I’ll keep ya posted!

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whoomp chair it is..

Tag team back again… ok I love that song. Can you believe it was cool way back in 93.. holy cow. I was 10 and my parents let me listen to that kind of music. That’s terrible.. haha Anyway, My tag team reference is because my hubs helped me out with my latest masterpiece.

I redid another chair. My momma has been begging me, well maybe not begging, to make her one. It was her 30th Birthday (lying) a few weeks ago, and although she is easy to buy for, anything black or sparkly, I wanted to do something special. Awe. So I got this beautiful, beat up, smelly chair, and made it more beautiful.

Here are some before pics..

And here are some finished pics..

I love it!

My momma does to 🙂 or she’s a good liar :/

It all started with a trip to GOTL! Geneva on the Lake! Love that place! Anyways, I took the kiddos up there to stay with my Aunt and Uncle and while we were there I saw this chair in the cottage and asked my aunt to ask the guy who owns the cottage if I could buy it from him and he said I could have it! For Free!! Can you believe that??!! I was so excited! I got right to work on it when we go it home! I got the pretty fabric at Joanns, it was kinda expensive, but I wanted a good quality fabric, so I shelled out the extra dough. Then it was off to Lowes for paint. I used Valspars spray paint, in Avocado. It was voted product of the year. Egh, not my favorite. It splattered a lot and I don’t think a can of it goes as far as a can of Rustoleum. Anyways, after I took the chair apart, I decided to make a new seat for it. The old one had seen better days and was looking weak. I didn’t want it to fall apart on anyone. So, then it was back to Joanns for some foam, then back to Lowes for some 3/4 inch plywood. Jeeze. Jon actually made those trips for me. He made a new base by tracing the old one then using his jig saw to cut it out. Then cut the foam with a bread knife, I’ve hear an electric knife works wonders on foam, but we don’t have one. I covered the foam in some left over batting I had from .. hmm, I don’t remember why I bought it, anyways I used the batting and then covered it with the pretty fabric. I just used my trusty old staple gun and pulled the fabric tight and stapled away. Making sure to flip it over and check the progress every once in a while, of course. Once that was done, Jon screwed it on to the chair. Simple!

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Fam Pics

Well, we are in the midst of about 5 projects around here. Don’t fret, I am gonna eventually show them to you.  So, I figured I’d buy myself a little time and post some pics of my fam..

Get your cute fix??

I just finished my momma’s birthday gift! I’m loving it and I hope she will too! As soon as I give it to her, I’ll show you guys. I’ll give ya a sneak, but don’t wanna ruin the suprise..

quick, cheap and easy…

No jerk, I’m not talking about me. I’m talking about my afternoon craft project.

I think they look so cute! I picked up the jars at Goodwill last weekend and I paid about $2 for all of them. I had the spray paint on hand, so that was sweet! I just taped them off and covered the tops with newspaper and put a few light coats of paint on them. I really wish they were gold, but the silver is what I had, so that’s what I went with. The look cute with little flowers in them. I plan on upgrading the flowers to real ones this weekend. As soon as I find my no-sew tape, I’m gonna make a cute burlap runner for the table 🙂