Mirror Mirror…

So, since we moved in to our house, I have had 18 different things above the mantel. A few mirrors, some sconces, a couple different canvases, and a photo montage to our eldest child. Since everything I had didn’t work and everything I wanted didn’t fit into my budget, I (we) made our own mirror. It was surprisingly pretty simple. Just a little time-consuming.

apparently I didn’t wipe down the mirror until after I took all the pictures of it..oops

Heres our supply list:

Mirror $5 Wal-Mart

2 1×6 $2.35 each

Hanging Bracket: $10

Wood Stain – Already had it

Wood Glue – Already had it

Staples – Already had it

Latex Caulk-Already had it

So at about $20 out-of-pocket, I think we did a super job!

We started with a cheapo mirror from Walmart and took the little plastic frame off of it. We then measured and cut our pieces of wood to size and routed out a ledge for the mirror to sit in. We used wood glue and staples for all the corners.

We let the corners dry for a few days, mainly because we got too busy to move on to the next step. But once the were dry, I sanded down the extra glue that squeezed out the top and smoothed down the boards. Not too much, bc I loved the slightly beat up look. I stained the top and sides with a super easy foam stain. It’s made by Rust-oleum. I love the stuff!

Once it was stained, we did a line of liquid nails around the ledge we cut out for the mirror to sit in. A little bit goes a long way. When that dried, we used some latex caulk to shore it up a bit more. That dried for 2 days then we could hang it! We used a nifty picture hanging hardware set from Home Depot. It has a level built into it! That’s always a bonus! One side screws into the mirror and another we screwed into the wall, we did have to use extra long wall anchors. We have plaster walls and the mirror is kinda heavy so we wanted to make sure it didn’t fall in the middle of the night a scare the bejezzus out of us!

I can’t wait to put all the fall decorations up there on the mantel with our new mirror 🙂


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