Thrift Store Junk-ie

Well, I was hoping that I would be able to post about the great mirror the hubs and I made, but we went to hang it today and the corners looked a little wonkey so we are fixing them and will hopefully be able to hang it tomorrow! Fingers crossed! Sad Face!

While the wood filler dries, I will show off my recent thrifting gems! Is it crazy that I will only shop at a thrift store when they are having a sale?? And, is it weird that I know what days all the local thrift stores have their sales?? I don’t want just a great deal, I want a super great awesome deal. The more I save the more I can buy!

I just bought this amazing chair at a thrift store down in Amish Country! I love Amish Country btw! Anyways, the chair was $10!! I know right!! Sweet!! I didnt even paint it. The yellow is super bright, but I kinda love it. It is currently sitting at our computer desk. It doesnt really “go” in our living room, but I can throw some more yellow around and I’m looking for a cushion to make it more comfy. So once I do that, Im sure it’ll look perfect!

We just made a playroom out of the 4th bedroom and about 2 weeks ago, I said to Jon “I would love to find an old school desk…” Literally the next day I was in the Salvation Army Thrift Store, It was a Wednesday (Sale Day!!) and I saw a desk! It was covered in magic marker and paint, but the sticker said $5.99.. and it was half off!! Thats right, it was only $3!! I brought it home, scrubbed the heck outa it and spray painted with some leftover green paint. I primed the top so the paint would last a little longer. I was thinking about still painting the top with chalkboard paint. Well see…

I picked up these next two items at Goodwill’s half off weekend sale about a month ago. I paid $2 for the chair and $3 for the book rack.  After a quick coat of paint on each, they both look cute and simple in my little mans bedroom.

These next two are just little nicknacks I picked up for super cheap! The teal glass jar is a lot bigger than it looks and still had the Pier 1 sticker on the bottom when I bought it for $1.50 at Goodwill! Sweetness! The two matching white glass candlesticks were .99 cents for the pair at SA. They are actually under my china cabint right now, I have to find them a home, maybe on the mantle once my new mirror is hung…

Man, after showing some of my recent finds, I’m really in the mood for some more shopping!! Tomorrow is Sale Day at the SA! I know where I will be spending my lunch break!

Anyone else love a good sale??


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