FREE Chair!

My sister found a dirty gross chair on the side of the road and gave it to me. Ain’t she sweet! Actually I love free furniture! She wanted me to jazz it up for her. I think it turned out great 🙂  And I didn’t even spend a dime!

I took a few before pics, but silly me didn’t have the memory card in the camera, Duh! So, here’s a progress pic…

I first unscrewed the seat from the chair. I then scrubbed and sanded the chair. I had a can of Krylons Leafy Green in my stash, so that’s the color I used. I really wanted to do a bright red or yellow, but 1 I didn’t think my sister would like either of those colors and 2 didn’t want to spend any money on this makeover. Next, I took apart the seat. The wood and foam were still in good shape so I reused them. For some peace of mind, I sprayed Lysol and sprinkled baking powder all over the foam. I didn’t want a cute chair that smelled funky!!

So, for the seat I used an old rug. I wrapped it around the seat and used my staple gun to keep it tight. I almost threw this rug out! Soo glad I didn’t, It really gives the chair some texture and funk! I Placed the seat back onto the chair and screwed it back into place. Easy peasy!

I think it turned out soo great and I love the fact that I didn’t spend a dime!!

Do I really want to give it to my sister?? Hmm…


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