My Honey Do List!

Our to-do list is a mile long and every time we start something, something else pops up that makes the first thing take longer and cost more money. I know all you homeowners can relate. Our list is long and our time is short. I am hoping this blog will help keep our butts motivated! (we might have a small problem finishing projects)

in no particular order…

  • fence in the yard
  • paint the trim
  • repaint the front door (we have already painted it twice)
  • redo the stair banister
  • pull up the “fake” hard wood floors and shell out the dough to have the real ones re-finished
  • make a master suite (we want to add a bathroom and make a big walk in closet)
  • finish up the upstairs bathroom (it’s about 90% done)
  • finish the basement (I’d settle for a non scary basement)
  • gut the breezeway (we want to make it a nice mudroom/laundry room)
  • more landscaping (holy shit plants are expensive!!)
  • deck
  • french doors off the LR to the new deck 😉
  • fireplace doors
  • redo the driveway (would ❤ a brick one)


Jon is gonna freak when he sees my list!! Thank goodness he is not just a pretty face. He has become quite the handy man!

I’ll keep you all updated as we continue to cross things off our list!


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