Craft Time!

I made these picture frames the other day and I’m obsessed with them.

Cute right?? Well, they were super easy and cheap! About $4 bucks each.

Here’s whatcha gotta do…

Go To hobbslobbs (hobbylobby) and pick up a large medallion ($2.99.. I got them when they were half off) and a wood picture frame ($1.99, but also half off) and some picture hanging teeth.

I used paint that I already had so that saved some $. I spray painted the frames and the edges of the medallions. After 2 coats of spray paint, I then painted the tops with some craft paint and leftover paint from my kitchen walls. I did 3 coats on these. I took the kickstand (don’t know the actual name for it) off the back of the picture frame. After the paint on the medallion was dry, I hammered picture hanging teeth into the back. Make sure it’s level. Then I put the cutest pictures in the frames and used wood glue and hot glue to get the frame onto the medallion. You can also use velcro it you want to change out the pics. ( I thought of the velcro after I covered it in glue :/)

Now, I just have to figure out where I want to hang them.. Maybe the landing upstairs.. hmm

Stop back soon, we are just about done with the kiddos new playroom! I’ll show you how we made the coolest cornices for FREE!!


4 thoughts on “Craft Time!

  1. Those frames are so cute….love the bright colors..and I like that you did the kids pics in black and white..good contrast!

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