Craft Time!

I made these picture frames the other day and I’m obsessed with them. Cute right?? Well, they were super easy and cheap! About $4 bucks each. Here’s whatcha gotta do… Go To hobbslobbs (hobbylobby) and pick up a large medallion ($2.99.. I got them … Continue reading

My Babes!

So I figured I would prove to you guys how cute my kids actually are… don’t let their angelic faces fool you though, we are going through the terrible twos and crazy ones! I am wild about them though!

Hello world!

WAAHOO! I am a blogger 🙂  You guys are in for a treat! I have no clue what I will blog about, I guess whatever Jon doesn’t want to listen to me babble on about I will now get to tell all you!  Aren’t you all excited! Kidding aside, I’ll probably chat alot about what we are doing around the house, there is always something. We really do live in my grandpa’s house, well it’s actually my house now (and the hubs) we bought it in 2007, but he built it in 1952. He lived in it with his wife, Grama Jean, and 11 children.. I know 11 INSANE! We are busting at the seams and we only have 2 kids! Amelia and Alex, they are both super cute, don’t worry, I’ll prove it with a ton of pictures! There will also be a bunch of my crafty crafts, most of which I have stolen the ideas from Pinterest! I’m an addict!  Go check out my About Me page to learn more about me! DUH!