Little A’s Room

OOO this little boy. When we found out I was pregnant again, I wanted another girl. I love little girls, I love pink, and hair bows and all things girly. Plus we had a 6 mth old girl and everything in our house was pink! But the minute the Dr said it was a boy, it was perfect! He is perfect! He has promised to never leave me and live in my basement until he is 60. I am totally ok with this. My husband is not thrilled with this idea.


This little boy loves airplanes right now, probably because his daddy is a pilot and they have been forced on him since birth, but I think he does genuinely love them. So we went with the airplane theme without being too over the top. We are using red and shades of blue as the main colors in his room. When we moved in, we bought a gallon of blue paint, but ended up not using it. We decided we liked the light tan color. Since we needed to paint every single room in the new house, and this one wasn’t that bad, we kept it the color it was and saved ourselves the trouble. We ended up using that gallon to spruce up the half bath. That reveal will come soon!

Back to my baby’s room, it’s not 100% done, I want to update the light fixture, get new doors (for the whole house) and within the next few months he needs a bed.  So far his room has cost me maybe $20! Almost everything we have used in it has come from his nursery in the old house.


I love his shelf! The wood came from a shelf the previous owners left up in the “toy room” and I had the brackets, I just had to paint them red. I had planned on making him a giant “A” but when I saw this one on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $7 I had to get it. I figured it would cost me at least that to make one. That’s usually how I decided if I will buy something, If I can make it cheaper, I usually will. The two lanterns are garage sale finds and the piggy bank and picture frame are both from his nursery.

One thing I did need to buy were curtains. I had been on the hunt for a few months and when I came across a navy and white tablecloth on clearance at Target, I had to get it.

PicMonkey Collagealex

I folded it in half and cut it down the center. I picked up a curtain rod and clips while I was at Big Lots, I think I spent about $12 for the rod and clips. So for $20 I had window treatments. I think I might add some trim or something to them, but for now they work great!

PicMonkey Collageuse

Well that’s about all we have done in his room so far. Maybe If it is ever clean for more than 10 seconds, I can post more pictures.. ugh kids are slobs!


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I’ve gained 5 lbs on Jellybeans


It’s Spring! Yay! Since we really haven’t done much crafting lately, I thought I’d re-share what we did last year! hopefully I can get to some spring decorating and crafting sometime this week! Oh and I will be making more chocolate covered peeps!

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No Lie I have! The Nerd ones are my favorite! Try em! Besides the extra jiggle, I am loving this time of year. Sure it’s still a bit cold and snowy, but the birds are chirping and its staying light until 8 o’clock! yay! We spent the weekend doing a few Easter crafts and some decorating. The kids painted some salt dough easter eggs I made. It was fun, until 2 toddlers covered in paint tried climbing on my new kitchen chairs. Yikes. Heres the recipe I used:

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 cup of water

1 cup of flour

I rolled it out and used an egg-shaped cookie cutter to make the shapes. I then baked at 225 for 3 hours. I have heard you can put them in the microwave, but I tried it and they puffed up and cracked, but maybe you’ll have better luck. The kids loved painting…

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Have you ever tried a little pot?

I am addicted…to these little sample pots of paint!!


I am almost positive the Valspar ones were all free, (coupons baby!!) and the rest were less than $3. You can get them at Home Depot, Lowes, Menards and Walmart, and now come in almost any finish. YAY!

It is surprising how much you can do with these little 8oz guys!

Here are just a few things I have done with them..


I painted the red shutter in big sisters room..


I used the same red to paint these shelf brackets.


Same red pot of paint..


I even painted a bookcase. I bought 2 cans, for $5.98 and barely used the second can. I am planning on using the remainder to add a little color to the legs of my kitchen chairs.


My front door! I love it! Best $3 makeover ever! I love how it looks from the street!! I hope my neighbors do too!!


A little Ikea bench. Its the same can I used for my front door!


My ombre dresser makeover was done with a few sample pots too! You can see the whole post here.

Soo now can you tell why I love these things??!! They are cheap and awesome and go a lot farther than you would think.

Have you ever used them for more then just seeing if you want that color on you wall??

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Year Round Wreath- Update!

About 2 weeks ago, I had the fabulous Cory here showing off her great idea for a year round wreath. Remember how cute it was..


Well, she is back with an update for spring!

Spring is here, although it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it! Even down here in the south we can’t escape the recent cold snap. The other day I watched as my backyard went from sunny, to white-out blizzard, then back to sunny in a matter of 15 minutes. Crazy!

While it may not FEEL like Spring outside, at least I can somewhat make it LOOK like Spring in my home.
I’ve transformed my St.Patty’s Day wreath into a Spring wreath. We’ve had some nasty wind storms lately so with the wreath blowing in the breeze on my front door I had to do a little bit of re-pinning to keep everything in place.
Once again, using the flower tutorial from Thinking Closet I made new flowers and stuck them on with velcro. I was really tempted to go with yellows and pinks, but something about the purple fabric I used just spoke to me. I put my little one down for a nap and got to work. It only took me about 25 minutes and I ended up with some time to peruse Pinterest for a new project until the O-man woke up from his nap.
Happy Spring, folks! Stay warm!
Looks great Cory! Thanks!!
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Year-Round Wreath

Hey guys! Today I have a guest post for ya! Cory is a crafty momma who grew up in my hood! She is super cute and creative and has the cutest lil guy, seriously, look at those cheeks!! PicMonkey Collagecory She sent me some pics and a tutorial for this genius (and super cute!) wreath and I just have to share it with you! Here it is..

My new year resolution for 2014 is to be more crafty and DIY and to also increase my “Made in USA” purchases. So far, I’m doing pretty well with both! I’ve made soap dispensers from old Mason jars, I made two Christmas stockings (2 more to go!), and created some art for our bedroom; this project called for cork trivets but the only cork I could find was made in China so I improvised and used cardboard cut-outs from diaper boxes.

I’ve been seeing so many beautiful and fun wreaths online and in the craft stores and wanted to make one for every season and holiday. I wish I had that kind of time! I thought there had to be a way to create a simple wreath with elements that could be changed up throughout the year. So here is what I came up with.

I bought a 12” foam wreath form at JoAnn. *Bonus* It was made in the USA. 1 yard of black and white chevron fabric. I figured this would be a good base to use throughout the year. 1/2 a yard of green fabric for St. Patty’s Day (also made in USA!). Depending on how many flowers you make, 1 or 2 fat quarters should be plenty. I always buy more fabric than I need because who knows what else you can use it for. I also used some white muslin and a green striped fabric that was leftover from my Christmas stockings. I also bought one sheet of white felt and 1/2 a yard of velcro with the sticky backing.

Getting started:

I cut three strips of the chevron fabric (my picture shows four but I ended up only using three). Each strip measured 39” x 3”. I sewed each strip together so I ended up with one long 117” strip. I’m sure you could use less, but I wanted to wrap my wreath pretty tight.

You could leave your edges raw or finish them on the sewing machine, but I decided to use pinking shears. I think the zig zag pattern looks neat with the chevron fabric.

In case I ever want to change the chevron fabric, I only used pins and velcro on the wreath. I pinned one end of the strip and wrapped it all the way around and pinned the end. PicMonkey Collagecw To make the flowers, I used the tutorial on the

I used three fabrics instead of two in order to help break up all the patterns. I also made mine a little bigger. I traced the inside of a wide-mouth mason jar lid for the fabric and a circle about half that size for the felt (mine happened to be the lid for a baby bottle). I also used my pinking shears again.

Next I mapped out where I wanted my flowers and used a few small pieces of the velcro to secure them. PicMonkey Collagecwf I also picked up a wooden “W” while I was at JoAnn, hot glued some twine we had laying around to the back, then pinned the twine to the back of the wreath.

My wreath was a little too fat to fit on my hanger so I cut another strip of 14 x 3 fabric wrapped it around the top of the wreath and cut a small slit for the hanger to fit through.

Ta-Da! I love the way it came out and that it was pretty easy as well! IMG_2186 Now for Easter all I have to do is to buy a few fat quarters, make the flowers, and stick them on the wreath with a piece of velcro! This will save me loads of time and money! Both of which I can spend on my next project, or I could finally finish those Christmas stockings.


Cute right! I have a wreath for every holiday, I wish I would have known of this idea a few years ago!! I could have saved so much time and money! Thanks so much Cory! I can’t wait to see the wreath throughout the year! Also, I love that she is trying to buy more USA materials too. What a great gal!!  Next time we are both back in the Yo we will have to craft together, and grab a schooner!!

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I shutter to think…

how much $$ I would save If I didn’t go to the Habitat for Humanity store every week.. I mean it is stuff we need, er want, no need! I needed to buy a shutter, and they are around $40 so I just saved us $37! right. Oh I also just bought the BEST light fixture too.. we just cant figure out how or where we will hang it.. see what I mean about saving $. If I didn’t go, I wouldn’t have spent the rest of my $37 that I saved! oh well. Good thing my husband is made of money. Oh shit. I forgot I married for love, not money.. next time I will get it right ;)

So back to the project, I picked up a shutter a few weeks ago for $3 at the Habitat Restore here.


I put a few coats of red paint on the shutter and used anchors and screws to attach it to the wall above A’s bed. Threw a few books into the slots and … I was like egh.. kinda boring. so I looked around the internet for some quotes or printables. Printables are the best thing out there. Some artsy person puts together a print or quote and lets you print it out. How generous is that? You can print it right on printer paper and throw it in a frame and you have instant art! and that is exactly what I did here..


I found the print here
Check out her blog and all the cute FREE Printables she has!

I used fabric I already had as a mat for my frame, which I jazzed up by adding some gold glitter wasabi tape and left over pom pom trim. I think it looks super for being FREE!!

A loves her book wall and I love how it was $3 for the whole project!!


Only a few more things to do in her room and it is done!
Here’s what I still want to do/get:
a rug (I am stalking the clearance bin at Pottery Barn Kids)
a chandelier (I loved the one in her Nursery)
a mirror (a full length one for when she plays dress up)

and once we finish her room, she will tell me she hates pink!!!

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$5 crafts

Hey guys, It’s the 5th of the month so I am back with another $5 craft. Actually 2 this week. With this house I have decided that I want to try to finish a space or project before starting another. I am not making promises that rooms will be 100% done before moving on, but with the last house, we were always all over the place and nothing ever looked “done.”
The night before we moved in, we painted our little ladies room. Pink, of course! We are going with the same color scheme that we had before, pink, red, and blue. This weeks crafts were super simple and very inexpensive, I think together they come in under $5!
The first one I did was add decorative trim to a lamp. She had a cute lamp that I painted and added a cute lampshade to, but it broke during the move :( So, I took another little lamp we already had and hot glued some ribbon and little pompom trim to the top and bottom rim. I bought the pack of ribbon from Michaels for $1. It had 5 different ribbons in it, a yard of each. You cant beat the $1 bins at Michaels! SONY DSC
it took all of a minute to glue on and looks super cute!
And how cute is that frame?? After Christmas sale at Kohls. $3 I think!
so the next little project I did was paint the letter A. I picked up the letter at Meijer for $2. I used red paint that I already had, and added some cute flowers, again from the $1 section at Michaels.
Its simple, cute and really personalizes her room!

I hung it on the wall by her door with a canvas I bought a while ago at TJMaxx and a wooden heart I found at Goodwill that I painted. I think its coming together nicely! I am in the process of making curtains, hopefully I can show them to you soon!

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Window Makeover

Since I stand at the kitchen sink every day, I want a cute window to look out. That was not the case when we moved in. There was no curtain and there was an ugly light fixture over my head. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this project, first because I am cheap, and second because we eventually want to gut this kitchen and I don’t want to spend a lot on a light fixture if I am not sure what look we will end up with. This is what we started with..

and here is where we ended..
I found the pendant at Menards on clearance for $25, bought a yard of fabric and some fringe from Hobby Lobby for $8, coupon used of course! I picked up a decorative curtain rod and 2 spring rods for about $14 for all.
I might paint the inside of the light an pretty teal…
I wanted a pom pom fringe, but I couldn’t find any in the right color, this is a little old ladyish, but I like it!

Jon removed the wood thing, no clue if it has a name, above the sink just by unscrewing from inside the cabinets. I used the same method I used here to create a faux roman shade, and I just hot glued the fringe on. Don’t judge me! Ha! I have no clue where my sewing machine is, and we had company coming over the next morning, so I needed it done quick. Who am I kidding, I hate sewing! Anyways it took only about an hour to put this all together and I think it looks super cute!
PicMonkey Collage

We Moved!

Since my last post, a ton has happened! We moved! Holy crap I never want to do that again! (we will have to though!) It was the most annoying and stressful thing I have ever gone through! As a seller, you have no control over the situation. We had an offer, it wasn’t what we wanted, but it was the only one we had, so we took it, after some negotiation of course! Then we waited and waited and waited. The crap heads buying our house took their sweet old time getting everything to the bank and we had to give the 2 extensions. We were under contract with them for almost 60 days! That’s a long time when you have 2 little kids and are living in a town that is different from your spouse!! We didn’t have the best experience with our realtor. We just felt left out of the loop. We were told we were going to close on the 15th of Oct and on the 14th we were told the buyers just submitted their paperwork. O.M.G. We were freaking out because we had an offer in on a house and we didn’t want to lose it! Luckily we didn’t. We had to pay a per diem to the lady we bought our new house from so she wouldn’t put it back on the market. It sucked! Finally we closed on both houses and it was moving time! We closed on a Wednesday in Columbus and then drove up to Youngstown to pack up. We had planned on driving back down on Friday with a big truck. Well on Friday morning, I get a call from the company we rented a truck from and we were told they didn’t have one for us. Really! They didn’t even sound sorry! I hate them! Luckily we have the best family ever and my dad and my father in law helped load up their cars and vans and we took as much stuff as we could fit into 6 vehicles. The following weekend we went back and got a huge U-Haul and packed up more. Well, the damn thing broke down on the side of 71!



Luckily (I guess) a mechanic came out and had it back up and running in about an hour! 2 days later we drove up again and got the last bit of things out of the house and cleaned up. I feel the need to tell you that the same people who took their sweet time to get their paperwork to the bank, kept asking us when they would get the keys (we agreed to 30 days from closing). Jerks! So they now have the keys and we have started settling into our new place. I have slowly started doing small craft projects and have spruced up a few spaces. We are very excited to make this new house our home. We all still feel like we are on vacation or something. The kids keep asking about the white house. God do I miss that house. It was far from perfect. It was cold and drafty and dirty all the time, but it was our home!! I know this place will feel like that soon, but its hard to be in that in-between place. The hubs said no big projects for a few months. I don’t know if I can wait that long!! I’m itching to paint the living room, and ohh the kitchen needs gutted and the bathrooms, egh. Luckily Christmas has kept me preoccupied and I haven’t ripped down any cabinets yet! Now I just need to decide what to do first! I will keep you all posted on my crafts and projects in our new house. Also, I will post some pics of the new house soon!

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$5 day!

shit! I am a day late for $5 craft on the 5th…ok and maybe 2 months late too.. sorry. With all the craziness of the hubs living in a different town these days and selling the house and buying a new one and two toddlers, I haven’t had time for much crafting. and that sucks! On a positive note, we should be moving in about 2 weeks! Hooray for living with your hottie husband!! I plan on getting back to the blog on a regular basis again!

So back to my craft! I am digging washi tape, I found it at Pat Catans, I think it was on sale 2 rolls for $3! I picked up gold and purple..

SONY DSCI took a vase I had, probably from the dollar store, and just wrapped the tape around it to make three stripes. It took a total of 2 minutes and it looks so jazzy!


I cut a few hydrangeas from the yard and my mantel looked bright and sparkly!


(so this craft was done like 6 weeks ago, just pretend like I put some pretty fall looking flowers in the vase!)

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